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October 09 2011

Game Room Build Out

May 26 2011

How many pins can fit in a bathroom?

I think the answer is 5. You’re mileage may vary.

We’re renovating the game room and this was the only place to stick the nicer games of the collection.

They ended up in the bathroom.

pins How many pins can fit in a bathroom?

April 30 2011

The Tron pinball details are released from Stern

After nearly 9 months since the beginning of the rumors about this pin, the details have finally been publicized by Stern. Tron is official and it is coming much sooner than any of us would have expected.  While the gameplay is going to dictate the true long term staying power of  this pin, there couldn’t be a better license to use.  Since 1982, Tron has continued to be one of the rare brands that cross over to pop culture while retaining it’s original ultrageek fanboy fanbase fully intact. Similar to Star Wars, Tron satisfies both the hardcore and casual gamer alike.

Stern’s description of the game suggests that it’s a simple, fast player like Avatar and Ironman which uses randomness to shake up the gameplay.  Although I appreciate this direction they are taking, I’m a fan of the much deeper and longer Stern games like Lord of the Rings, or Spiderman.   Ironman and Avatar are fun games, but neither seem to keep my attention for a long time. Regardless, I’m extremely excited to get some game play on Tron, but it won’t be a “pay before play” game purchase.

I really hope that Stern hits it out of the park with this one. Tron quite possibly could be the greatest licensed theme for a pinball game ever.  They’ve got a lot of momentum which is surely going to sell games, the question is if it will keep the players entertained for years to come.

tronpinball The Tron pinball details are released from Stern

December 23 2010

Successful Party

The pinball bash was a success! Thank you to everyone that came by and played with us. The Skee Ball in the corner got quite a workout!

148269 469978751916 188797121916 6274380 7686970 n Successful Party

We plan to do another party soon.

November 23 2010

Pinball & Arcade Party In Tampa

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webflyer Pinball & Arcade Party In TampaWe’re hosting a Florida Pinball Bash in Tampa at my work warehouse Saturday December 18th from 1pm until everyone leaves!

Event Details:

Date: December 18th
Time: 1pm until it ends
Place: Just South of Waters Avenure off of Anderson Road in Tampa, FL 33634
Bring: Friends & Family and any games if you’d like.

We need:
More Games
Tech Support for games
Organizing Tournament and/or Raffle

It would be wonderful to see donations($5 maybe!?) to cover the cost of food depending how many people come. Although not required, it would be extremely helpful in doing parties in the future.

Please use this R.S.V.P. form so we know to expect you! Please contact me if would like to bring additional games, or help in any way.